Buying A Home

For many Canadians, a home is the most expensive purchase that they will ever make. More than a fun day out shopping, the home you chose will have a lasting impact on your future. Not only that, the process of buying a property is complicated. Consulting a professional can help manage the financial side of purchasing and help identify the perfect property to suit your needs.

There are resources for first-time homebuyers, such as step-by-step guides from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), but these are not helpful without the right application. Seeking out a professional mortgage service and consultation means understanding your purchase’s ins and outs and avoiding costly mistakes or unwelcome surprises.

Figuring Out Finances & Approval

When you are ready to buy a house, it is not as simple as pulling out a wallet and tapping a card. Before keys change hands, a prospective buyer must not only be pre-approved for a mortgage but must understand all of the additional financial responsibilities that come along with it. Mortgage payments are an essential consideration, but this may only be the tip of the iceberg at the time of purchase.

To best prepare clients, mortgage brokers work through the process from start to finish, taking note of costs along the way. In addition to monthly payments, it is essential to consider property tax, closing costs, land transfer taxes, home inspections, and legal costs incurred throughout the process.

In an ideal world, prospective homebuyers could accommodate a 20% down payment, but this is not always possible. Instead of putting your dreams on hold, ask an expert about your options. Take advantage of any rebates available to you or understand your options for mortgage loan insurance, all with the help of a professional consultation. Your options are not limited to your savings account alone, just ask, and we can familiarize you with all the available options.

Clarifying Complicated Issues: From Approval to Closing

Navigating the necessary steps to homeownership is a complicated process, and that is why potential buyers often seek pre-approval. A mortgage application considers more than the amount of money in your bank accounts. A local real estate agent is essential in helping you find a home, but a mortgage specialist can help put you in one.

No matter how secure your financial position might be, finding the best lender and navigating their fine print is essential. To best assist clients, experts can find the best lender match and create a full overview of what documents are necessary during the pre-approval process.

With interest rates lower than they have been in years, many Canadians are eager to get into their next (or first) homes. Whether you are a seasoned property owner or are new to this idea, it is always essential to understand the terminology. Some seem simple enough, but when coming across a word like “amortization, debt service ratios, and loan to value,” it can feel like an alien language.

Getting comfortable with real estate terminology can require thorough study and a lot of time. Working professionals with complete schedules don’t often have the time to dedicate to these areas. Professional advice can help to clarify terms and shine a light on the finer points of these areas.

Meeting Your Needs

In a booming climate, entering the housing market can feel like a complicated process. I am committed to making sure that you do not get left behind. With my experience and in-depth understanding of mortgage rates and conditions, I will help you narrow down options and find the perfect fit for your needs. I will ensure that your home buying or refinancing goals are met to your complete satisfaction from start to finish.

buying a home

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There are thousands of websites about mortgage services. If you have begun your search for mortgage solutions, it can be overwhelming at the sheer volume of information. I am here to walk through this process with you, every step of the way. I believe in providing a human approach to the oftentimes impersonal industry of mortgages. Feel free to call me to speak directly on how we can help find your customized mortgage services that fit your lifestyle, so you can enjoy your home and feel confident in your solutions. 

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